Fixtures in your home like pipes, toilets, showers and drains are critical to your everyday convenience and function. You rely on them to work as designed so that you can carry out vital tasks like taking a shower, washing dishes or doing laundry.

When they no longer work as expected, you need to have them serviced right away. These explanations can convince you to hire a service that offers professional plumbing in Charleston, SC, for your home today.

Quick Snaking of Drains

Many times, the malfunction with your plumbing involves clogs deep in the lines. These clogs are so deep that you cannot see them just by peering down the drains. You need to use specialized equipment like a scope or snake to get to them.

However, chances are that you do not have this equipment simply lying around your home. You must hire a plumber who is trained to use it and has it ready for any repair job in his or her service vehicle.

The plumber can use the scope to find out what the clog is made of and where it is located in the pipes. He or she can then use the snake to push it out of your plumbing system and into the main water lines for the city or county.

A plumber can typically get the repairs on your plumbing fixtures done in less than a day. You can learn more about hiring contractors for plumbing in Charleston, SC, online. Contact Smoak’s Comfort Control at