You’ve noticed that the air handler is leaking, now what? The first step you need to take is to turn the unit off, immediately. If water’s leaking out of the unit, that means water’s leaking within the unit, which = damage to the unit and damage to your home if it continues to run.

Electrical components with the unit could become damaged and your home could suffer water damage, which is not pretty, and not fun. Not only is water damage not pretty, and not fun, but it’s also costly to repair when things get really bad.

So what’s causing all of this water seepage? Within the air handler lays a world of air flow components and cooling components, the water leakage could be caused by any number of things.

A Few Possibilities

If you have water leaking from your air handler, it could be the:

Condensate Drain Line

The condensate drain line could be clogged, and it wouldn’t be surprising if it was, because this is one of the most common causes of air handler leakage.

Condensate Pump

It’s possible the pump is broken and needs repair or replacement.

Drain Pan

The drain pan could be rusted, or damaged. This is especially common with older units.

Air Filter

If the air filter is dirty, it could be blocking airflow to the evaporator coil. If airflow can’t reach the evaporator coil, the coil could freeze, leading to water that drips from the unit.


It’s possible that the unit is low on Freon.

Have an air handler that’s leaking water and you don’t know what to do? Turn off the cooling unit, and contact Smoak’s Comfort Control!