Winter, summer, spring, or fall, there is basically never a bad time of the year to engage in HVAC maintenance. A properly maintained HVAC system provides big benefits to your home year round. However, if you are considering HVAC maintenance and don’t know if it is the right decision, here are 4 reasons why now is a good time to get it performed.

You Are Looking to Save on Energy Costs

A well-maintained HVAC system is an energy efficient system. If your HVAC system is more than a few years old, you will almost certainly save as much or more money on energy costs over the year as you spend on maintenance.

You Can’t Afford to Replace Your System

In terms of simple economics, replacing a HVAC system is expensive. Maintaining it, however, is reasonably inexpensive. If you know you can’t afford the major cost of replacement or repairs, get maintenance now to ensure you won’t need to spend more later.

Your Home is Unusually Warm or Cold When Your HVAC is Operating

If your home is still hot with the AC on, or still cold with the heat on, that is a clear sign that your HVAC is underperforming. Most likely the problem can be solved with simple maintenance, if performed sooner rather than later.

You are About to Start Using it After a Long Break

You would think that nothing could happen to your air conditioner during the winter when it isn’t in use. That isn’t actually true. Long periods of disuse can negatively impact its effectiveness. This means that you should generally get maintenance for AC in late spring and heating in early autumn. And, if you own a summer home, definitely get maintenance before moving in.

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