Efficient modern air-conditioning home zoning procedures avoid the pitfalls of faulty methods associated with managed AC performance. Although rumors of old suggest closing AC registers in unused rooms, the power of modern home zoning follows a more efficient process. In fact, according to the HVAC discussion board at U.S. Home Energy Saving Pros, zoning via restricted air flow can result in an overheated heat exchanger. Effective home zoning requires balanced HVAC airflow.

Pros and Cons of Air-Conditioning Home Zoning

Designed to save energy while also eliminating family battles over thermostat control, home AC zoning systems enable homeowners to establish regional control over the home heating and cooling process. Benefits of an effective home zoning system include:

  • AC Zoning Comfort – By regulating room-by-room temperature and airflow, air conditioning home zoning promotes enhanced family comfort.
  • AC Zoning Control– An effective and efficient air conditioning home zoning system divides your home into distinctive and individually controlled comfort areas in heating and cooling.
  • AC Zoning Efficiency – Whereas the rumored effectiveness of manually closing vents failed to be both system and energy efficient, modern air conditioning home zoning systems can save your family money every month in energy expenses.
  • AC Zoning Noise Reduction – By making use of an integrated variable-speed fan system, or a two-stage HVAC unit, modern air conditioning home zoning delivers peak efficiency and performance while also reducing the level of system-related noise.

Efficient Charleston, SC Air Conditioning Home Zoning Systems

Known for extreme summers, Charleston and the surrounding SC communities make a perfect fit to installed home AC zoning systems. Save money, not just on the products, but also on the efficiency of the installed HVAC system. Request your quote today.

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