What do you need to know about rooftop HVAC units and commercial services? It’s time to get the professional climate control services you need to benefit your business. 

Commercial services address different types of concerns from those found in the typical South Carolina home. There’s no need to settle for residential HVAC services for your business! And if you are looking for information about rooftop HVAC units, the chances are good you need help from the pros who understand the unique needs of commercial properties. 

Check out these three elements of an effective rooftop HVAC unit from the commercial HVAC services pros:

1. Proper Site Preparation

Installing a rooftop unit on your business should start with a conversation with an engineer. Depending on your city codes, you’ll need a number of spec sheets for the work. You’ll also need to put the appropriate structural support in place. Remember, rooftop units aren’t just hefty – they also vibrate. You’ll need the right preparation in place to prevent future problems.

2. Flexible Design

One of the best features of a rooftop HVAC unit is the ability to change its design over time. Unlike a bulky commercial cabinet set on the ground, rooftop units can be easily modified to suit your structure’s needs as they arise. This is especially helpful as it relates to commercial real estate purchases. If you go on to sell your business, the new owner of your property will have their own plans and their own heating and cooling requirements

3. Energy-Efficient Add-Ons

Unlike a residential HVAC unit, which might have additional features for humidity or air quality control, a commercial rooftop unit has a larger number of options aimed specifically at maximizing energy costs. From dampers and energy recovery wheels to variable air volume controls, there is an endless number of options available to save energy in the best way for your business. 

Rooftop units have many benefits as long as they’re installed properly. Make sure you work with an experienced commercial HVAC provider with the best products and policies for business use.

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