No one wants heating and cooling issues to surprise them. Fortunately, most HVAC problems are preventable with proper maintenance. Check out these tips for preventing emergency HVAC repair in Charleston, SC.

Maintain the Heating and Cooling Units

The number one way to prevent most emergency repairs is to stay on top of HVAC maintenance. It’s not hard to do and it takes very little time. Here are some things the average person can do to keep their heating and cooling systems running well:

  • Change or clean the filters regularly
  • Use a garden hose to clean off debris from the outside unit
  • Clear debris and areas around the units

Most filters should be changed every 30 days, but some can last up to 60-90 days. Consult the owner’s manual that came with the HVAC unit or find it online to determine the schedule. If the information isn’t available in these places, ask an HVAC professional for advice.

Schedule Professional Routine Preventative Maintenance Services

Filter changes and outdoor condenser maintenance go a long way toward keeping HVAC systems working their best. Still, it’s always recommended that homeowners schedule bi-annual maintenance services with HVAC professionals.

Most heating and cooling companies offer maintenance packages. These packages include furnace and air conditioning checks before the heating or cooling season begins. The maintenance professionals will lubricate parts, make minor repairs or adjustments, and give homeowners valuable information about the status of their HVAC system.

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