As much as we rely on heating and air conditioning equipment, we don’t tend to know much about it. Basic maintenance is easy enough, but several times a year you may run into issues that leave you guessing. No one wants to call a repairman unless it’s really needed.

Find out if you need to schedule service when your heating equipment smells:

Change your filters.

HVAC experts agree on few things, so when they do, it pays to listen up. Your filter, or filters (depending on your system) are the most likely cause for foul odors. These devices trap contaminants and protect your heating equipment and your indoor air, but they can also trap dirt, dust, and mold. Change or clean your filters before you turn the heat on for the season to avoid making a stink.

Check your ducts.

Another common source of bad smells – particularly the smell of burning plastic – is the ductwork in your home. Items get stuck in these hard to reach places, and they heat up once the heat is turned on. Dirt and dust can also congregate on your burners, leaving your house with a musty or dirty odor.

Call in an expert.

If you have already performed basic maintenance on your system without alleviating the smell, chances are you have a real problem. Don’t waste any time in getting it taken care of.

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